Our History

Institute for Medical Education

It was started in 1996 with 2 rented rooms in Putalisadak, In front of Shankerdev. At that time finding teachers who can deliver in medical entrance field was a major challenge. There were no entrance guides and there was no fixed syllabus. Over the last 25 years we have seen the emergence of more than 20 top class teachers and a number of entrance guides which can replace any Indian book. In 2006, NAME shifted to it’s own building and it has been progressing in all dimensions.

Right from the beginning of NAME, students and guardians have shown a lot of faith on us and it has made us more responsible. What makes us different from others in the field is that we never make unrealistic commitment to students and never claim false results.

We are clear from the beginning that it was the determination and hard work of students that made them successful in entrance exam, we are proud of the students and guardian ,and may be our help was not the deciding factor in all of them.

We have always tried to keep best possible teachers and publish most suitable materials. We never compromised in allotting teaching hours to the curriculum. Due to limitation of time to finish course, we have not been able to teach to the depth our teachers would like to and it is the main hindrance in maintaining quality. Time limit has come to the scene mainly because most of our students do not show enough patience. In reputed Institutes of India, students are ready to study for 6 hours a day for a whole year and the standard of education is definitely better than ours. By the experience of seniors, our students must realize that it takes time to uplift the academic standard of an average student, thence to get selected in entrance exam. Hasty approach and putting too much effort in short time may not always be helpful.

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Dr. Navin Sharma ~ Director

Dear All!

At the outset, we would like to express our gratitude for the trust you have placed in NAME Institute for Medical Education. As we all know this era is Golden Era for Career Education; for Education is just not only a preparation for exam; it is also to prepare for life itself. At NAME, value based knowledge is the true aim of education that we impart to our students.

As a parent, you definitely want the best for your child; and we are happy to be working with you to make sure that they are given the true knowledge to face the challenges in their career. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers, but the best in their lives. In this way we hope to support not only individuals but also the entire society from which we all benefit.

We wish you a very rewarding experience at NAME !

Best Regards


Our Mission

To create Best Institute in Nepal for the preparation of MBBS entrance exam along with the other competitive entrance examinations such as B.Sc. Agriculture, Paramedical, Pre-medical, etc which serves the society for thousands of years.

Keeping our mission in mind, we will establish a transformational leadership position in each sector.

  • Consciously work every moment of the day, to ensure that every student fully unravels their talents and potentials.
  • Be perfect in everything that we do. Perfection is making the best efforts within the constraints of space time and resources.
  • Work ethically to inspire everyone who comes in our contact.

Meet our team


Dr. Navin Sharma


Rabindra Sharma

Chief Executive Officer

Suman Sharma


Netra Pokhrel

Administrative Officer

Sujan Dhungel

Finance Chief

Bidur Bhattarai


Achyut Kandel


Udesh Shrestha

System Administrator

Our Courses

A great place for a great future. 

We have three different sessions targeted for the medical entrance preparation course.


    Classes starts May/June.


    Classes starts Jul/Aug.


    Classes starts Oct/Nov.


Entrance preparation for B. Sc. in Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinery and Husbundary.


BPH, BMLT. BAMS, B. Optometry, BASLP and B. Sc. MIT entrance preparation.


Entrance Preparation course for the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.


MBBS (IOM & BPKIHS), BDS, Premedical entrance preparation.