A very popular field and toughest to get seats after MBBS/BDS. There are 40 seats in scholarship and 27 in self-pay(8 lacs). For the entrance, you need to study 20 marks of eye book in addition to 180 marks of PCB and MAT. After graduation. one becomes the expert of vision that mainly includes cornea, lens, aqueous humor, vit humor and retina but not the whole eyeball.

The graduate can independently examine eye, prescribe medicine and correct power by non-invasive method. He/she will not be able to perform operation. Scholarship 50, donation 17. There is much less production than the demand. One can select job of preference, mostly hired by eye hospitals After B Optom, one can do master’s degree from some foreign country but can’t become an ophthalmologist (a 3-year course after MBBS).

Going to western country for higher study or job is restricted. 11. Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) This is the only field after MBBS/BDS where one can write Dr before name. Selection in scholarship is reasonably tough as there are limited seats in scholarship, entry into self-pay(11 lacs) is easier these days due to opening of multiple colleges. 20 marks of question is from pure Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient branch of medicine, a masterpiece of eastern philosophy, gaining popularity in western countries also.

Ayurveda has deeper roots in India, but our graduates have to go to China for higher studies as Indian board hasn’t recognized some of our universities. Getting job in an established hospital is not easy, most of the new and old graduates are happy in private practice and earn in excess of Rs 1,00,000 per month. Current trend is to get attached to some Ayurveda medical shop and help the patient to choose best possible medicine. Scholarship 60. donation 20.

Note : Fee is decided every year by MEC . the figure presented above is an estimation for 2022/23 batch.