A popular choice in recent years. Number of seats are plenty( scholarship : 191, self-pay : 679)marks of 120 may land you in scholarship, above 90 may be enough for self-pay. 4 years tuition fee is Rs 8 lacs. 20 marks questions are asked from pure pharmacy, that you can prepare in 15-20 hours.

The field is related to production and dispensing of medicines. One can work in pharmaceutical(drug) industry, pharmacy department of hospital/nursing home or start own medicine producing industry or pharmacy shop or become a middle level stockiest of bigger companies. To be realistic, getting a job in drug producing company has become scarce these days, working in pharmacy department or starting own business is becoming popular.

Before joining the field make sure that either perform very well in academics or can wait some time for job or gather the confidence of starting a business by self. In higher studies, one can go into research field which has a huge potential.