Most popular field besides medical related field for bio students. Selection is getting tougher as the number of competitors have multiplied in the last few years. TU and AFU are the two main rival universities with similar strength, brand value, selection criteria and standard of education. Date of exam does not follow any pattern, usually delayed than the expected months. Subjects tested in entrance are same for both the universities, weightage ratio also the same.

Apart from usual PCZB needed for medical field, here you to prepare Math and English, all with same marks. GK of 10 marks is asked from the related field. Most of the Ag students are the one who had prepared for medical field, missed by some marks and took Ag entrance as a second option.

There is usually a gap of few months after medical entrance (CEE) before Ag entrance, where students can revise math. Level of English may not change by a preparation of few weeks. Preparation of math and English by most students shows a weird pattern.

These two are the subjects tested in all Engineering entrance, Ag and forestry related entrance, SAT for US universities, first paper of Section officer in Lok Sewa Ayog, GRE for master’s level study and, anymore. There is no fixed syllabus, but all try to test centrally the same basic concept. Mastery of one can give you success in all exams that test math and English.

One time preparation of one is enough for all. Few weeks or months of tuition or Institute course doesn’t improve one’s standard and may not add any significant marks. You need to get determined that you want to improve from the base. For math, go through the math books of grade VIll-X, to understand the basics of, math. Without improving school math, no one can get good marks in any entrance. For English, start writing few sentences, then paragraphs without copying from someone.

Start watching serial in English, listen to English music and read novel in English. It takes months to improve. One time upgrading lasts forever. Do it this year and never worry of average English and math in the future.


Due to just stable iob seeking attitude, the field has narrowed down, and some graduates have started feeling the heat of job scarcity. One should be able to change the ‘comfort Zone’ mindset and take venture agro-business. There is a big untapped potential field. One bright entrepreneur can provide job for 5-25 Ag products. It can be in floriculture or pisciculture or aquarium or poultry or herbal farming. One gets subsidized loan @interest rate of 4-5%. Most of the Scandinavian European countries or New Zealand are rich not because of industry but because of farming. In United states, highest number of aircraft owners are from farming background. Don’t forget to spare one hour time to read about Norman Borlaug in google before aspiring to enter the field of Ag. Your view towards traditional concept will change.

Number of seats in scholarship can’t be added to one figure as they are region wise. One needs to score close to 70% marks in the entrance of TU or AFU for selection in scholarship. Self-pay seats are also highly affordable (5-6 lacs) as the payment is in installment. PCZB preparation is same for Ag and medical field. There are some seats in self-pay under the private colleges of Purbanchal University.