Bachelor in Auditory, speech and linguistic pathology (BASLP) Available in very limited place, very few seats and becoming more competitive every dav. Good news is that you don’t need to prepare anything extra than MBBS/BDS, the same exam will work.

So, no need to decide now, can go into the field if not selected in MBBS/BDS. As the name suggests, this field is related to Ear-Nose-Throat with emphasis on hearing and speaking problem. There is a big shortage of expert manpower and there are an estimated 3,00,000 people, mostly who need urgent help for hearing and speech so that they can have a normal life or can work independently.

In western country, it has a big demand, and they can consume any number of graduates produced in Nepal. Total seats 6 scholarship 4. Inside Nepal, one can work independently or open a personal clinic or work under the guidance of ENT doctor in a hospital setting. Getting a job or getting patient is not a problem. Becoming a master, needs a lot of skill and patience as most of the patient need months or years of follow up for improvement.

One can’t expect drastic improvement in a few visits.