Selection in scholarship needs a few marks less than MBBS. Total seats in scholarship are 109 and in donation 456. In donation, it’s easy to enter. you may just need to get pass marks. The tuition fee in donation is Rs 21 lacs for the full duration. The duration of the course is the same as MBBS. 90% of the students in BDS are girls.

It’s not that necessary to do specialization after BDS, but a master’s degree may upgrade you significantly. Contrary to common belief, the toughness of study is equal to MBBS, and most of the syllabus is the same. Dentistry covers the oral cavity along with the mandible and maxilla.

Oral cancer is operated by a dentist with orofacial specialization. The average monthly earning of BDS is Rs 50-80,000 after specialization, it’s usually above 2 lacs. In the USA, most dentists earn more than MD doctors. But going abroad after BDS is tough as the exam is similar to USMLE, which is difficult for our graduates who focus on dentistry only. Some dentists have started going abroad recently.