B Sc in Medical Imaging Technology: There are few seats, selection is not easy. Even in self pay(8 lacs), you may need to score 100 plus. It used to be known as radiography. In plain words, you will be working most of the time in the department of X-Rav. CT scan, MRI and nuclear imaging.

From outside, it looks like doing photography, but there is a lot of depth inside Scholarships seats 23. donation 48. There has been a lot of growth in digital imaging technology in the past 2 decade and there has been a real scarcity of trained personnel who can handle the equipment, conducts the processing and identifies the flaw in machines. It has a big scope of career growth.

No one is jobless. It is more about using of technology than the pure bookish knowledge. Expertise can take you to a higher position and much better pay. Starting your own business with some investment can make you millionaire in no time. A common misconception about the field is that- there is an increased risk of harmful rays.

Modern day precaution method has kept the hazard level as irrelevant to worry about.