B Sc in Medical Lab Technology Most important people who help in making diagnosis of every patient. Its not merely the field of doing blood or stool test, most of the current research of health field is going on in immunology and molecular biology which is the higher level of BMLT.

Number of seats are restricted, so getting a seat is not that easy. You may need to score 130 plus in scholarship and above 100 for self-pay. Tuition fee for 4 years is Rs 8 lacs. (Scholarship 127 donation 404 seats) Main charm of the field is that no one remains jobless and can work for any hours in different hospital or lab. Can open a separate lab and offer job to others too.

Before joining the field, please make sure that you can eniov working long hours inside a lab and mostly with eye focused in microscope. Microbiology, virology parasitology, immunology and genetic testing are all included in lab technology. You can specialize in any of them in higher study. No advantage of going to India or elsewhere for doing BMLT.