Selection for scholarships is tough.

Out of 200 questions, one needs to score above 155 in the general merit list and 130-150 under the reserved category, competition varies according to the group of reservation, e.g., it’s tough in Madhesi, much easier in Dalit or Muslim female. Reservation is for students who have done classes VI to X from a government school.

There are 430 seats in scholarship and 1465 seats in donation, which costs a tuition fee of Rs 45 lacs, in 3 installments. Very few students go to Bangladesh, China, Philippines, and other countries as the fee abroad are not cheaper and the quality is not better than in Nepal.

Keep in mind the rising cost of dollars every year. From this year, at least 50% of students are declared passed at the entrance, irrespective of their marks. So, you need to be in the upper half, also known as the 50th percentile.

The duration of MBBS is 5.5 years, including internship. After MBBS, one must do MD, which takes 3 years. After MD. few doctors may want to continue education in DM/MCH which takes 2 years. In MD, there are above 400 scholarship seats, in donation, costs Rs 25 lacs for 3 years. Around 200 medical graduates go to the USA for MD after appearing in the USMLE exam, and they don’t need to pay; instead, get $ 5000 each month.

Earning varies according to your specialization and location of work. Some new MDs are satisfied with Rs 1.5 lacs in the valley, and some are earning 5 lacs plus Average income can be close to 2-3 lacs. In USA, average MD doctor earns $ 3,00,000 per annum. In Gulf countries, it’s around $ 5-8000 per month. If you have any confusion in scope, take out the doubt.

It’s a golden field with the highest rate of satisfaction and prestige. Don’t easily give up; use your full potential to enter in scholarship. Keep donation as the last option as the feeling of triumph and joy in scholarship selection is something many people may not experience in life otherwise. It may take months or years of focused study to improve the academic standard of an average student; still, it’s worth attempting.