How to crack MBBS entrance exam?

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How to crack MBBS entrance exam?

As we know that nobody is born intelligent but we can say exceptions apply everywhere. Since you are preparing for MBBS entrance preparation, you are aware with this, cracking the MBBS entrance exam in not an easy task. However, not an easy task does not mean that you cannot make it. If you dedicate and manage your time for learning and practice with high spirit, you can successfully make it.

In the last line, I have already mentioned you 5 fundamental mantras to crack MBBS entrance exams or even they will help you to crack any other entrance exam beside MBBS. Have you noticed that? If not, then here it is:

  1. Learn
  2. Practice
  3. Time Management
  4. Commitment and Dedication
  5. Willingness and high spirit

I hope that this article will help you a lot for your MBBS entrance preparation or even it could be a life changing article for you. So, let’s begins with the best tips and tricks to crack MBBS entrance exam.

Motivation is key: You need the motivation to achieve the greatest goal in life. Here your greatest goal is to become a top doctor. The dream is high, so ignite the motivation to achieve it which creates a commitment and brings zeal to make it happen.

Positive mindset: Lead your mind to the positive direction as we know every battle is first won in the mind. Most of the people struggle on this and they leave their task before completing it or half finished. And these people never go far in life. So challenge yourself that you never going to quit it.

Prepare yourself: The first step you must take, know exactly where are you now and what you need to get through the exam. Are you ready enough to prepare and take part in entrance exam? Once you are mentally and physically prepared, you need to collect necessary information about the entrance exam like exam patterns, syllabus, eligibility, reserve policy, total seats, number of students (approx.) competing in the exam and most important is the date of examination.

Right approach and strategy: Collecting the study materials is the first approach you should take. Get the best books for the particular topic and have as many as sample papers of the exam. Avoid distractions and focus on particular things. Analyze your shortcomings and strengths professionally and meticulously. This requires positive attitude and loads of practice with hard work and careful guidance and strategic planning.

Study and ask: Don’t feel shy to raise your hand and ask the question. Get your doubt clear. Asking lots of questions to the teachers doesn’t always mean that you are a nerd. And also don’t worry about what your friends say or you are going to ask stupid question. This is best way you to get best of every topic. One common method is “Reverse engineering” in which a learner starts thinking opposite of told technique used to solve question. Doing so you have to think out of box. Try to solve one numerical in different ways. If you can’t, ask the teachers. Why they are for? Get their help.

Proper Time Management: It is the most critical factor in preparation of any entrance exam so that you can get through it. You must manage your time properly and get yourself enough time to practice as much as possible tests.

Dedication and Spirit: Both are two sides of the same coin and they work extremely well if they are considered in parallel. Be cool and avoid negative thoughts which really affects the whole study plan. Raise your confidence and don’t let it down. Believe in yourself and say it loudly “I will make it”. Feel you are going to make your parents and your relatives proud. This will surely boost your confidence and you will feel better.

Check the Syllabus: Don’t waste your time on studying the materials which is out of the course. Study only what is necessary. Lot of students study everything even it is not in entrance examination’s syllabus. Keep the syllabus of examination on your study table. Check it before you begin and after you end your studies to know how much you need to cover this day.

Approaching a question: Always use conventional methods first. If they don’t work out for you, then try to understand the problem again or try to find clues which can lead you to the solution. It will help you to analyze it better. When you have exhausted your limits then only refer to the solution. Doing 10 quality and concepts-based questions are much better than doing 100 questions, which have not been selected carefully.

Increase speed and accuracy: Practice, practice and practice is what you need. Shortcuts to success is not an option, you have to do is practice. Use clock and try to solve the sample paper in given time.

Never lose your heart: If you find the question paper is not up to your expectations, do not just give away. Put all your acumen and energy to get the best out of it.

Some other important tips on how to crack entrance exams

  1. If you have enough time for the exam, pick a chapter you are weak in and one that is important from the exam standpoint.
  2. Or if you do not have enough time, pick a chapter that you are comfortable, have not practiced enough and that is an important chapter.
  3. Any day give priority to important chapters if you have not revised them or not practiced enough questions on them.
  4. If exams are just approaching, leave out any new chapters because it will create a lot of stress and anyway you cannot master it enough for the exam.
  5. Basics should be cleared through standard books of class.
  6. Once the basics are clear, you can move up the ladder by opting to read various other books in the market.
  7. It’s better to make your own notes than your friends’ or teachers’.
  8. Have 15 minutes break between two subjects.
  9. Always remember how much days you have in your hand.
  10. Always keep a water bottle on your study table.
  11. Turn off your gadgets during the study.
  12. A proper time table does not include whole day study.
  13. Go to a park or have some fresh air somehow.
  14. Always be focused while studying.

Let us know in the comment section how you are preparing for your exams. If you think we are missing something, then give us your suggestion. We will update this article.

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I can not manage my can i manage my time?

I think I can do but some reasons my confidence is lost so what can I do for it?

I am always confused at which ques to practice and which one to leave out.. As you said.. select concept based questions, how do we select them?

I can i do the best


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