Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry: Universities, entrance exam and syllabus are the same as that for BScAg. Number of seats are less than one third. This field is for becoming the Doctor of Animals. Most of the medicines are same as that for humans, disease process is also similar. Almost all of the medicines to be consumed by human are compulsorily tested in animal in the research and certification phase.

By saving animal, BVSc doctors saves the agriculture product and also the food for human. Scope is increasing every day after the start of animal farming in commercial scale and the change of mentality in saving animals. 20 years back, people used to kill every snake they saw, most tigers they encountered and many elephants which destroyed human property.

Now, a veterinary doctor is called first to save an injured animal. People are fond of keeping pet animals like dog or cat or deer. Human are showing an unprecedented affection towards animal, and it will be added in the scope of BVSc. In western world, there are animal resorts which look like 3-star hotels and have air-conditioned room. Vet Doctors earn more than a bank manager. For going abroad, again there is a tough exam and you need to have further training in that country. If you join the field now, you are being prepared for the society of after 20 years and not of the past. Prepare with high esteem and strong determination.